ROOF-A: Art Talk Diana Scherer | 05.NOV.2022 | 15.00 uur

ROOF-A: Art Talk Diana Scherer | Saturday November 5th at 15:00 PM

Diana Scherer is a German researcher and sculptor and one of the pioneers in biotech art. She works with root systems of plants. Her studio is an artificial biotope, where many shades of leafy green light up. Here, she allows natural tissues to grow into works of art.

Scherer presents the underground crops and root networks of her plants as a tapestry, but she also integrates them into photo works, as a living sculpture, or as textile.

You are most welcome to join us for art & inspiration in the solo exhibition ‘Wonderground’ by Diana Scherer.

We love to see you there.

Join us under ROOF-A.

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