Young talent

ROOF-A Young Talent & Experiment

ROOF-A is a place where we connect, question, show, and challenge. In combination with solo exhibitions and previews in various media by (inter)nationally established artists, we also focus on a trajectory for young talent and experimentation. This programme characterises and unites ROOF-A Gallery and ROOF-A Development.

In this annual cooperation, the programme is linked to a company or a patron. It always focuses on a mix of coaching, investing, and presenting. Within this programme, crossovers are also encouraged, and attention is paid to the various disciplines and media in which work can be brought to life.

We can characterise the set-up of the young talent programme as a process of sowing and harvesting; of scouting and coaching. Our programme is in line with the social role that we want to fulfil through ROOF-A: we are dedicated to the cultural sector in sharing knowledge, expertise, and opening doors, and we are dedicated to young talent. Quality, content, and innovation are important characteristics for both young and established talent.

Why a collaboration?
Our common goal is to enrich society with art and culture. Art is a gift to the world, and we are fighting shoulder to shoulder with artists and other partners to open new doors. The kick-off of ROOF-A Young Talent together with the AkzoNobel Art Foundation offers a solid start for a long-term programme, which provides a unique platform for young talent within a new cultural concept. We are looking forward to collaborations with patrons and companies, with whom we aim to fulfil our social role in connecting people and culture.

For more information on the opportunities within the young talent programme and playing a role in a setting that combines coaching, investing, and presenting, please contact:

Lobke Broos
T: +31(0)6 473 660 76