About ROOF-A


Dear Friend,

Building, developing and creating. And then, the moment arrives to share the first milestones. With great pleasure and pride, I’d like to let you know that a new cultural venture has been officially established: ROOF-A

Who are we?
ROOF-A is a cultural venture in Rotterdam, focused on connecting people and culture. We seek to make borders more flexible and open doors with and between artists, museums, galleries, companies, and individuals. ROOF-A will be an international meeting place, a safe space, crossroads and starting point for artists and photographers, collectors, the public, and anyone else who is curious about a world full of imagination. ROOF-A will not only provide space for inspiration and ideas, for museum exhibitions and cultural encounters, but also for entrepreneurship and the building of lively networks between the arts and the business world.

The ROOF-A concept comes from almost 20 years of experience in the public art sector and is focused on content and quality. The cultural enterprise will have two wings: ROOF-A Gallery (exhibitions, young talent, collectors) and ROOF-A Development (artistic projects for individuals/companies, advice to patrons seeking to support cultural projects, strategic development consulting for cultural institutions, helping companies get linked to cultural programmes).

ROOF-A will be a dynamic cultural venture that provides a platform for art and adventurous exhibitions, but also responds to the current demand for connection. How can artists, companies, galleries, patrons, and museums strengthen their social interaction? ROOF-A will launch its multidisciplinary programme on an international level with three solo exhibitions by Gijs Assmann, Tania Franco Klein, Marjan Teeuwen, three previews by Kalliopi Lemos, Marc Mulders, Diana Scherer en een Rooftop installatie van Atelier Van Lieshout, all opening 5 November 2021.

Our corporate identity was developed by international communication agency KesselsKramer (Amsterdam, London, LA). We are incredibly grateful and happy with the beautiful visual translation of this fresh and new cultural concept. Connection is at the core of our concept and we asked for a fitting symbol to become part of our signature.

Final notes
At the end of January 2021, I said farewell to the Nederlands Fotomuseum in a special way and started a new adventure as entrepreneurs. From this new position, we look forward to keeping in touch and welcoming you at Westplein 9-B from Friday 5 November 2021. This gem of a building from the 1950s features an open, hospitable atmosphere reflecting its past as the Nedlloyd’s Club. We hope that it will continue to serve as a great spot for people to get together!

My best, Lobke