Kalliopi Lemos (1951) was born in Greece and currently lives and works in London. She made a name in the Netherlands with the metre-high sculpture The Plait, which was unveiled in Rotterdam on International Women’s Day 2021. The sculpture is located on the Westersingel and serves as a beacon of female power and sensuality.

The braid towers over its surroundings, unyielding but also refined thanks to the many steel wires that are interwoven into it. This radical seductiveness is a classic characteristic of Lemos’ work. As a sculptor, installation artist and painter, Lemos is known from London to Berlin and from New York to Athens.

Her large-scale work addresses current themes such as the unequal fate of boat refugees and the oppression of women. Her presentation at ROOF-A offers an opportunity to get to know her more closely through drawings, collages, and sculptures in which organic, feminine shapes predominate. These shapes are carriers of fertility and resilience, like germs of plants and other curved calyxes from which life itself flows.