Would it be possible for a garment to grow under the ground? Diana Scherer (b. Lauingen, Germany, 1972) works with root systems of plants. Her studio is an artificial biotope, where many shades of leafy green light up. Here, she allows natural tissues to grow into works of art.

Scherer presents the underground crops and root networks of her plants as a tapestry, but she also integrates them into photo works, as a living sculpture, or as textile. For her, nature, science, art, and design are an extension of each other. To add even more depth to her work, Scherer collaborates with biologists and engineers from Delft University of Technology and Radboud University in Nijmegen.

In 2016, she won the New Material Award from Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Still, her work is more of an innovative, poetic exploration than exact science. The human urge to control is finely relativised by the impulsive, natural, and unpredictable nature of plant dynamics.

Tekst: Wilma Sütö.