Marc Mulders (Tilburg, 1958) is one of the Netherlands’ most important artists, with work on display in almost every major museum. He’s a painter pur sang and stays close to the heart of nature and the process of growth and flowering. With soft, shimmering colours and brushstrokes, he zooms in on flower fields in the morning and evening twilight.

In his work, the cycle of life unfolds in an enchanting light – an almost abstract opulence, as if the colour nuances of petals start swirling on a breath of wind. Painting and nature reunite in Mulders’ ode to creation. His outdoor studio is located on the Baest estate in North Brabant, with fields full of flowers he has planted himself.

Mulders also portrays their decline. Still, while he made a name for himself with his vanitas still lifes full of dying game, he increasingly emphasises beauty as a theme in his work. For ROOF-A, he created two paintings: a large and a small canvas, both full of blossoms in abundant light, offering a counterbalance to all the suffering in the world.